Vision,Mission and Goals


For our schools to become an educational and educational edifice distinguished by high technology and quality, keeping pace with the times and competing with educational institutions at the national and international levels with a religious .awareness and a civilized style that is referred to as proud


Preparing a generation of committed young people belonging to their country and nation, with a good education, a balanced personality and useful sciences, through a cadre of educators qualified theoretically and practically, using the latest means and techniques to enrich their creativity, and satisfy their desires and aspirations to be able to anticipate the future and plan for it wisely and realistically in line with the evolution of technology.



Our schools have several lofty goals that they strive – God willing – to achieve, starting from kindergarten and ending with higher grades.

  • Preparing students cognitively, linguistically, emotionally, socially and dynamically, for a safe transition to the stage of basic education, and achieving students' innate love for learning through
-Programs, activities and experiences that are compatible with their active nature.
-Learning by playing.
-Satisfy the child's curiosity.
  • Demonstrate, support and develop students' potential to produce rational, thinking and confident individuals who are able to take appropriate decisions and assume responsibility.
  • Achieving fairness in education among students through differentiated education that takes into account multiple intelligences and individual differences.
  • Preparing students with distinctive skills, values and experiences to face a renewed digital future.
  • Developing students' positive internal motivations towards education by transforming it from indoctrination education to applied education related to life skills.
  • Graduating individuals who are distinguished, cooperative, governed by morals, who are able to build their society with distinction and generosity, who carry the homeland with their minds and conscience.
  • Promoting authentic Islamic and societal values in students ’hearts and developing the skills of dialogue and persuasion to produce a Muslim generation who is moderate in its thought and aware of its behavior, consistent with the vision and principles of the Ministry of Education.
  • Activating the partnership of parents in the educational process through the consolidation of their relationship with the school community in various types of communication.