The International Section

Distinguished parents, dear students, I welcome all of you to our platform. This is the platform of our beloved academy as we enter the school year. "Read" was the first word, which we carried its secretariat and we had the best in seeking more knowledge.

Al-Farid Star Academy was established in 2019, our beloved school is located in a quiet area in Al-Jubaiha, and it serves many areas in West Amman. All classrooms and facilities are equipped with the latest equipment and means of technology according to high standards in order to provide a positive environment. Which alsosupports the creativity of our beloved students and to work to motivate them and encourage them to learn, gain knowledge, develop skills and discover self. We believe in our responsibilities towards our students, children and their mental, personal and physical development in a positive, inspiring and supportive environment to unleash their creativity, as part of our greatest responsibility in preparing a generation belonging to his nation and his homeland. As well asbeing proud of his religion and culture, bearing his responsibility to be a citizen of this .

Al-FaridStar Academy is a private school accredited byCambridge. It offers a distinguished level of education. In it, the student is the focus of the educational process, and it fits all levels of students and personality patterns.It adopts a supportive approach to learning that helps foster ethics that are consistent with the vision of society and school such as respect, cooperation, virtue, courage and persistence .

We are also concerned with strengthening the curriculum with international electronic sources, which enhances the student's ability to provide materials and gives him an opportunity to follow these programs (return to them) even after school hours have ended, which exposes the student to different educational experiences.

In addition to adopting other educational programs such as the English-language reading program, which contains 19 different levels to develop the student's reading and listening skills, which reflects positively on the skills of writing and speaking.

And because the Qur’an is a way of life, we are keen in our esteemed academy to devote quotas to preserving the Noble Qur’an according to a gradual plan .In this plan, consideration shall be given to drawing the most prominent meanings and values included in the verses to build a balanced, moderate, and deeply understood Muslim figure.

Taking into account the linguistic intelligence of students by adding a third language to the education process (French language) in preparation for adding other languages. We have never neglected Arabic , our mother tongue , as a basic language in the education process, taking into account the development of all language skills, especially with more attention to non-Arab speakers .

Doing All this according to a process of planning programmed and prepared to implement the curricula in accordance with the education frameworks for each stage according to the International Education Authority Cambridge.
Distinguished parents, For our deep belief in your role in the success of the educational process, we are very keen on effective and continuous communication with you, as you are our partners in success.

Official timings

7:30 AM - 2:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday.

Administration timings

7: 30-3: 00 pm from Saturday to Thursday