Student admission instructions and process

Age basis for acceptance

Grade Year of birth
First Grade 2017
KG 2 2018
KG 1 2019
Play group 2020

Required documentsfor new students in kindergarten or first grade for Jordanians (in the Kingdom)

  • A certified copy of the birth certificate with the national number.
  • A picture of the family book.Father's page, mother's page, student`s page.
  • A copy of the vaccination card.
  • 2 personal photos.

Required documentsfor new non-Jordanian students (in the Kingdom)


  • Birth certificate + a certified photo from the Palestinian Embassy.
  • Approval of follow-up and inspection.
  • A passportcopyfor the people of the Gaza Strip.


  • Security card
  • Paper from UNHCR.
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate or certified passport copy.

Iraqis, Egyptians and other nationalities

  • A copy of the birth certificate with the original certificate.
  • A passport certified copy by the embassy.
  • Residence card (except Gulf countries without residency).

Students from outside the Kingdom

  • Parents of students from outside the Kingdom whose files do not contain the documents are obliged to bring these documents(the former state, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, the embassy and then the Ministry of Education/Private Education Department).
  • The above documents must be brought before 30/09/2023

Required documents for new students in the second grade and above

  • The student's file from the school where he was registered, containing the student's birth certificate and all that was mentioned in item (b).
  • The certificate of the last class in which he was studying (first and second class certificate).
  • Study scorecard.
  • Student status record.
  • A transfer paper certified by the Directorate of Education/Private Education Department, which includes a financial clearance or settlement of financial matters with the school transferred from it.

Students admission

Admission of the new student if seats are available

  • Pass the interview with the department manager (accompanied by the certificate of the last class).
  • Inform students and their parents about the code of conduct.
  • Pass the diagnostic test for subjects: Arabic, English, and mathematics.

Note: If the file is not brought on time, schools apologize not enrolling the student even if the full tuition fee is paid.

Students registration instructions and process (after admission)

The student is accepted and enrolled in schools within the following steps

  • Submit all documents to the student admissions ( described in the previous (d) paragraph)
  • After passing the interview and diagnostic exams described in the previous paragraph (d), parents must pay the registration fee of (200 JDs) for tuition fees and (100 JDs) transportation fees (a total of 300 JDs) deducted from the value of the total school premiums, and these fees are non- refundable in case of any objection after 30 June 2023, whatever are the reasons.
  • Parents pay the student admission fee for the first time and it is not part of the school fees.
  • Parents can buy books and uniforms (at the beginning of the scholastic year) after paying the first semester fees.
  • Parentsmust submit a post datedchecknot registeredwith the remaining full tuition on 1 February 2024, after paying the full premium for the first semester.
  • Parentscan pay thefees in cash, checkon his date or via Visa Card.
  • The registration contract is for one academic year and is notexpose to automatic renewal.